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Sonya has worked with world class Olympic Ski & Board Teams and offers private group classes to the Corporate and Sporting industries.

"Sonya was great for our ski team! Thanks for the amazing classes. It's always cool to meet someone who understands what a group of athletes needs in their practice. We will definitely be back!" - Freddie Mooney (Coach for Canadian National Mogul Ski Team)


Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace

Our corporate yoga peacefully yet powerfully transforms the mind and body through Hatha yoga — an ancient Indian science that is quietly changing the body, heart and soul of our modern age. The practice of yoga safely and gently balances the body and mind through the energy of motion and the heart of self realisation. Yoga create’s strong and lean muscles through various postures that help to purify the body from toxins, pacify the mind through conscious breathing and then quietly return the body to a state of blissful surrender.

Yoga in the workplace has demonstrated a significant reduction in common workplace ailments such as RSI, spine and joint discomfort, fatigue, stress and anxiety.

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